Still wondering how accurate Zero Dark Thirty really is?

Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain stopped by The Daily Show, and not surprisingly, Jon Stewart was able to get a little more info out of her than David Letterman did.

In the interview, Jessica revealed some surprising details about the film’s accuracy and why she was drawn to the film, along with her hectic schedule.

"I'm interested in films that create a conversation," Jessica says of her role, revealing that the filmmakers decided not to work in cooperation with the U.S. government even though it would have helped budget-wise because they could have used military helicopters and planes. But that would've meant the U.S. would need script approval, and Jessica thinks Zero Dark Thirty is more accurate than the version the government would have wanted us to see.

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When Jon said watching the film makes him uncomfortable, Jessica assured him: "It's good for you."

She also revealed that she is currently starring on Broadway in The Heiress, meaning that this Oscar nominee is one busy girl these days. ("I'm a crazy person!" she says of her current workload.) In fact, she sounds just as tireless as the real-life woman her Zero Dark Thirty character is based on... who apparently got passed over for promotion even after finding Osama bin Laden!

Luckily, with her Golden Globe win and Oscar nod, Jessica's work is not going so unrecognized.

Have you checked out Zero Dark Thirty yet?