Are you starting to get nostalgic for Christmas music already? No? Apparently you're not John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

The holidays have been over for less than a month, roughly the same length of time it's been since the former Grease stars gave us an early present with their so-bad-it's-good video for "I Think You Might Like It." But even though Christmas is a mere 11 months away, the duo has already promised us more holiday music this year!

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"We're going to try to add a couple of songs every year to that CD," said John, according to E! Online. "And then maybe do a music video each year so, at the end of it all, we'll have a whole [collection]."

Short music videos may not be enough for this holiday trainwreck, though: John also revealed that they have plans to take their December escapades to the big screen! "Maybe connected to the Christmas idea… maybe a Christmas movie or maybe a Christmas special or something," he said.

This really could be the gift that keeps on giving...

What do you think of more holiday music from John and Olivia?

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