The Jonas Brothers are facing a lawsuit from one of their own fans following a free outdoor concert at The Grove in Los Angeles all the way back in May 2010, according to TMZ. Ashleigh Johnson headed to the outdoor shopping mall two years ago to catch the JoBros, but was caught up in a wave of fans and pushed into a guard rail.

Ashleigh is suing the Jonas Brothers and the owner of The Grove for negligence, saying that both knew a large crowd would show up and didn’t take proper security measures.

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The former fan said she was “agonizingly crushed” during the incident and suffered severe mental, emotional and physical injuries. To give you a little idea of what The Grove was like back in May 2010, a YouTube video gives a bird’s eye view of the rush of JoBro groupies. Pure insanity!

Do you think the former fan is in the right? Should she really sue the Jonas Brothers for what happened?