Isn't pot supposed to mellow you out?

A former personal bodyguard of Justin Bieber is suing the singer for assault, claiming he was publicly attacked and then fired for simply doing his job. He'll have plenty of time to look for another gig if he wins because he's suing for over $421,000 in damages!

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The lawsuit claims that last October, Moshe Benabou reportedly attempted to physically keep a member of Justin's entourage away from the singer. With several friends looking on, Justin "repeatedly punched [the plaintiff] in the chest and upper body area" before turning around and exclaiming "You are fired!" Moshe claims he did not fight back or protect himself in any way.

Until now, that is. The bodyguard is now going after overtime pay on his 80-plus hour work weeks over the last several years, totaling $396,391 in damages. Moshe is also suing for money owed for vacation wages, wages owed immediately after his employment was terminated, and court costs.

We also think he should be suing for mental anguish. After all, having to admit that Justin Bieber beat you up is pretty embarrassing...

Do you think Justin assaulted the bodyguard?

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