Things have been relatively quiet on the Naked Rihanna front in 2013, and by “relatively quiet” we mean she was still nearly nude on seven covers of the same magazine.

But is Justin Bieber taking up the Always Naked Pop Star mantle she may have, at least temporarily, left dormant? Both have shown a flair for exhibitionism in the past with various topless photos and endless scantily-clad selfies on Instagram and Twitter. Lately, though, the Biebs seems to have kicked it up a notch, giving the world a glimpse of his bare ass and now giving the paparazzi an eyeful in Miami by walking around in his underwear.

Is Justin trying to be the male answer to Rihanna? And if so, is it working?

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Try as we might, it’s hard to look at Justin Bieber as a (technically) adult male, since he looks so boyish and we still have that side-swept “Baby” Biebs in mind. Leering at photos of him in various states of undress still feels a little creepy, unlike, say, doing the same with Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling. These are guys who seem mature enough to handle the attention ― and they’re not so desperate for it.

It’s one thing to appear shirtless on a magazine cover or in a movie, and quite another to be parading it on social media. Justin clearly wants our attention ― maybe he’s heartbroken about Selena and looking for a little validation, or maybe he’s just a very famous narcissist ― and it seems like his music isn’t quite getting him enough. He’s been increasingly shirtless lately. Is he taking a page out of the Adam Levine playbook?

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Allow us to stand on this soapbox for a second. Justin got snubbed by the Grammys for Believe and has just put out an acoustic album, which he says he wrote from the heart. He's clearly trying to take his music in a more mature and serious direction. But flaunting his body looking for attention is taking his image in the exact opposite direction, isn't it?

Before the age of social media, it was up to magazines and professional photographers to ask stars to disrobe every once in a while. Now they can post scantily-clad photos of themselves to their heart’s content ― and they do. Boy, do they ever. Justin seems to be trying extra hard to break away from the clean-cut teen heartthrob image of his early success, but seriously, why is he walking around in his underwear? How much Naked Bieber do we really need to see? Pop stars, have you no decency?

Okay, yes, that was a silly question. And now, back to your regularly-scheduled social media selfies of almost naked celebrities.

Do you think Justin has been too naked or just the right amount of naked lately?

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