Keri Russell is starring in one of the most buzzed about films at Sundance this year, so it's no wonder the former Felicity isn't getting a whole lot of shut-eye.

"I'm so tired! Can I buy sleep? Can you buy sleep?" she asked Hollywire when we caught up with her at the Park City film fest. Nevertheless, Keri held it together to give us some juicy tidbits about her "bright and poppy" new comedy Austenland.

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"Among all the heavier Sundance films and beautiful, emotional dark things, this is so light and silly and good and beautiful," Keri says about her new movie from Napoleon Dynamite cowriter Jerusha Hess, which, as expected, is not a gritty plunge into any sort of underground but another comedy about colorful characters. This one is set in a Jane Austen theme park! And that's already funny, even without hearing a single joke from the movie.

Does Keri's new movie sound like a winner to you?