Kristen Bell has always been known as one of the leading ladies in the comedy world, but she’s taking a darker turn in the Sundance flick The Lifeguard. Chelsea Briggs chatted with the sweet and very pregnant star in Park City, Utah all about the differences between preparing for a comedy and a dramatic role.

“It’s much more depressing because she’s very depressed in the beginning and she desperately wants to fix her life, but doesn’t know how and gets tangled in some really bad decisions,” Kristen explained. “So having that cloud of depression over you is very different from shooting a comedy where you’re sort of happy all the time.”

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Seeing Kristen, it’s easy to see that she’s just as sweet and bubbly as she is in her movie roles, so what attracted to The Lifeguard?

“Such a big fan of Liz Garcia’s writing,” she said. “She writes females really well and she doesn’t shy away from danger or sexuality, yet it still feels like a safe environment. She’s a really nice balance and I was just very attracted to this role she wrote and it’s much more dangerous of a role then I’ve ever done before.”

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Are you excited to see Kristen take on a more dramatic role?