HBO’s hit Girls is finally returning on January 13th (!!) and here’s your cute factor for the day –- Lena Dunham’s beau, Jack Antonoff is featured on the Season Two soundtrack. Well, his band is, anyway. You may have heard of them -– a little group called Fun.?

Fun. worked on “Sight of the Sun” awhile back for their album Some Nights, though it didn't make the cut. But the boys pulled it out of storage once they got an exciting phone call. “We got really dejected and put it away until Lena called,” lead singer Nate Reuss told Rolling Stone.

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Rewriting the chorus of the song for the show, Nate admits that he likes this version better than the original. (We haven’t even heard the original and we have to agree!)

Now, back to couple chit-chat! The cat was out of the bag on Lena and Jack’s relationship back in September, but taking a look at her Instagram over the holidays made it official -– they just might be our new favorite celeb couple.

Girls – Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series is out now!

What do you think about “Sight of the Sun?” Is it a good fit for Girls?