After months of trying to move forward after Rupert Sanders' fling last summer with Kristen Stewart, his wife Liberty Ross has pulled the plug and filed for divorce.

The pair had been married for 10 years and have two children together, with Liberty also relocating from London to Los Angeles to support Rupert's career. She is asking for joint custody, spousal support and attorney's fees in the divorce.

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Rupert reportedly wanted to repair the relationship and avoid divorce, but a source told Us Weekly that Liberty was unable to move past his affair. "They gave it a shot for the kids, [but] she was just so angry... she's the kind of person who wouldn't really ever get over it," said the source.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Kristen and Robert Pattinson are also no longer an item. The pair have been trying to make things work in the wake of Kristen's involvement in the affair, but Rob attended the Golden Globes solo and the rumors are that he simply can't trust Kristen.

"Rob really wanted it to work but he just felt like the trust was gone," said a source to British magazine Star. "Neither of them seemed really happy and he just thought it was easier to end it for good. He was honest with her and said they had been through so much he hoped they could remain amicable."

Are you surprised that Liberty and Rupert are divorcing?

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