The first full clip from the Lindsay Lohan vehicle The Canyons has arrived. Now, do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is that it isn’t anywhere near as incompetent or incoherent as LiLo’s last cinematic debacle, Liz & Dick. (Then again, given how much fun it was to make fun of that movie, we might also consider that bad news.)

More good news: the film isn’t all a campy black-and-white mess as the trailers suggested, but is more or less a legitimate movie.

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The bad news: taken out of context of the film, this clip is pretty slow and tedious, at least until the very end. Lindsay spends a good two minutes looking for her lost phone, which is about as suspenseful as looking for your own misplaced cell, when you have to message someone on Facebook to call you and then hear something vibrating from the couch cushion and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Tense, right? Well, director Paul Schrader seems to think so, but since we don’t know what’s happened in the movie up until this point, not so much.

At the end of the clip, though, porn star James Deen does freak out and get abusive, and while we’re not sold on his acting based on this clip, Lindsay’s acting in the film is actually…

…Wait for it…


She’s at least convincing at being pushed around and screamed at, which we’re sure she has some real-world experience with. And given her party girl reputation, we bet she’s also familiar with waking up disoriented and trying to find her lost phone…

Are you looking forward to The Canyons?