Men In Black 3 may have been big on high-drama action scenes, but it didn't take the same approach when it came to accuracy.

The annual roundup from of the most error-filled films of the year was just released, and the latest addition to the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones franchise was the undisputed winner for 2012. The site found 63 slip-ups throughout the flick, nearly double that of the movie which came in second place.

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Examples of MIB3's numerous screw-ups include one scene where a small cup on the counter keeps changing positions and moving further away between shots, or when Agents J and K fall off a roof and land opposite one another, yet are lying next to each other in the very next frame. It's not quite a Mystery Science Theater 3000 level of bad directing, but not great either.

The latest Bond flick Skyfall came in second place with 35 gaffes, while The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man tied for third and fourth place with 24 blunders. The Avengers rounded out the list's top five with 22 screw-ups.

Do these errors change your opinions of Men In Black 3 or other movies?

Photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures