If there's anyone who should be singing about having 99 problems, it's Courtney Love.

During an appearance at Sundance last week, the always-controversial Courtney held an improptu concert and did an acoustic cover of the Jay-Z classic. "It's so genius," she gushed before playing it. "It either sucks or it's genius, I don't know."

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We shouldn't be surprised that Courtney left the N-word in for her take on the song, but somehow, we still kinda were...

Her cover isn't nearly as bad as we were expecting -- and what we were expecting was slurred words, removing her top and all the crazy antics that she's known for. But unfortunately, she still missed some of the lyrics and her trademark raspy voice is simply shot these days.

But hey, it's good to know she's still alive, right?

What do you think of Courtney's Jay-Z cover?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images