The Grammy Awards is the biggest night in music and one of the best award shows around. Besides the fact that stars like to go all-out with their red carpet looks –- we're looking at you, Nicki Minaj –- the performances are seriously epic! And they kind of have to be, since there's a new one after every other award.

The show has a tradition of teaming up different artists to put on one hell of a collaborative performance. This year, we’ll see Song of the Year nominee Ed Sheeran take the stage with the one and only Elton John -- a.k.a. the ultimate ginger singing duo!

Plenty of other greats have performed with the musicians of today. Take a look at the most memorable collaborations that have hit the Grammy stage!


1. Eminem & Elton John

Year: 2001

Song: “Stan”

This performance gained a lot of buzz after Eminem caused controversy for his homophobic lyrics on his Marshall Mathers LP.


2. Beyonce & Prince

Year: 2004

Song: “Purple Rain” Melody

There's just so much fierceness going on on that stage.

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3. Taylor Swift & Stevie Nicks

Year: 2010

Song: “You Belong With Me/Rhiannon”

This is memorable but maybe not for the best reasons. Taylor received a lot of criticism for this performance.


4. Cee-Lo Green & Gwyneth Paltrow

Year: 2011

Song: “Forget You”

This was the year Gwyneth proved she was a double threat by showing off her singing chops in Country Strong and performing this song on Glee.


5. Jay-Z, Linkin Park & Paul McCartney

Year: 2006

Song: “Yesterday”

Hey, this has a little something for everybody!


You can watch the 55th annual Grammy Awards when they air on Sunday, February 10th on CBS!

Which Grammy collab was your favorite?