Selena Gomez is totally done with Justin Bieber (for good this time, it seems), and it looks like she's ready to move on!

The singer/actress spent her Sunday night partying with pals Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Hyland and Ashley Tisdale at a Golden Globes after party, and the ladies were joined by The Hunger Games star (and Vanessa's short-lived ex) Josh Hutcherson. However, with Vanessa in a totally committed long-term relationship, it was Selena who Josh reportedly had his eye on -- and vice versa!

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"Selena was dancing and having lots of fun and flirting with Josh," a source tells, adding, "Justin is in no way on her mind whatsoever."

The fun didn't end there, either! Celebuzz caught Selena and Josh leaving the party together arm-in-arm. Although they were joined by Vanessa, she walked separately and farther ahead of the possible new lovebirds.

Selena has been spending a lot of time with her friends since breaking up with Justin, and seems to be getting much closer with Vanessa, her Spring Breakers co-star. She's also been spotted out to dinner with Julianne Hough, and of course, has likely been leaning on Taylor Swift, who just went through a break up of her own.

Do you think Selena and Josh would make a good couple?

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