New Kids On The Block have never been known for their lyrical mastery (their most famous song is basically just a series of "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh"s), but there’s something baffling about even the title of their new track "Remix (I Like The)."

At first glance, it looks backwards. Is this a remix of some old track? No, it’s new. The song is called “Remix,” and okay, that’s cute ― but why is “(I Like The)” necessary? The song goes, “I like the remix,” so shouldn’t the song be called “(I Like The) Remix”? Or how about “I Like The Remix,” no parentheses necessary? Or just plain old “Remix”?

Beef with the title aside, the track itself is a perfectly decent listen, which is promising for their impending tour with other boy bands we thought we'd never hear from again.

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"Remix (I Like YThe)" sounds different enough from 90's hits that it doesn't feel like the boys are just reliving their glory days, but is still fun and poppy enough to please anyone who is a big fan of four to five guys taking turns on verses and harmonizing together. Plus there's more "oh-oh-oh"-ing, which has been good to these boys before.

Sooo… when can we expect the “Remix (I Like The)” remix? And will we like the “Remix (I Like The)” remix? Should we start referring to the band as Block (New Kids On The)?

Are you happy to have new music from this boy band of yesteryear?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet