It's been 15-25 years since three famous boy bands first topped the charts, but they're reuniting as men and hitting the road together this summer!

New Kids on the Block, Boys II Men and 98 Degrees are joining forces for a blowout summer tour that kicks off on May 31 in Connecticut, and they recently joined forces for their first interview to dish all the details.

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The notion of singing the same songs for 25 years might be boring for some, but NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said it's never gotten old to him. "Men and women are different," he said to E! News. "Men go onstage and women scream, and we wanna hear it forever. Women walk down the street and a guy goes, ‘Yo, yo, yo!' Girls get sick of it. They don't wanna get hit on."

But of course, the groupie days have long passed for most of these boy band members. "We all have families and stuff like that and we're gonna hopefully bring them on the road," said 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons. "It's just an opportunity that we just couldn't pass up... I mean, you're talking about groups who have, collectively, sold hundreds of millions of records."

Will you be getting a ticket to this tour?

Photos courtesy of E! News and Getty Images