Can Adam Levine act? We’re not sure about that, and apparently, neither was he, and neither were the writers of Saturday Night Live. So when he stopped by to host this week, they relied on Adam doing what he does best.

Sing? No. Take his shirt off!

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The Maroon 5 frontman bared his many tattoos along with his comedic chops during his appearance, getting advice on comedy from Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Seinfeld before appearing in a skit as a very gay TV show host. Yeah, that's a weird lineup, but it's nice to see Seinfeld back on NBC in some capacity, even though he and Cameron are still totally making jokes about projects they appeared in the 90's.

Yeah... the 1990's.

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Toplessness aside, we think Adam did just fine in his SNL debut, even if some of the sketches themselves weren't total winners.

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Now can the new season of The Voice reach this level of entertainment value? And more importantly, will Adam due his judging duties shirtless?

Did you like Adam as an SNL host?