You know what would be thrilling? Earning many thousands of dollars for something you did 30 years ago.

Ola Ray, Michael Jackson’s co-star in the legendary “Thriller” music video, has been awarded $55,000 in very late royalties for her performance as MJ’s skittish girlfriend.

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On the one hand, $55,000 doesn’t seem like that much money for a big role in what is probably the most iconic and beloved music video of all time.

On the other hand, it’s Michael Jackson’s music and dancing that made the video such a hit in the first place, and $55,000 isn’t a bad chunk of change to get for a few days’ work you did three decades ago.

Ola first sued the Michael Jackson estate back in 2009, when Michael was still living. It took over three years for the matter to be settled. Director John Landis, who is probably owed more for his greater overall contribution, also settled a similar suit for an undisclosed amount, according to TMZ.

Do you think $55,000 is a fair shake for Ola Ray’s work in “Thriller”?