Today at Hollywire, we’re playing matchmaker!

Taylor Swift is basically the definition of a serial dater thanks to her long list of former boyfriends, like Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and, most recently, Harry Styles. Poor Taylor –- she just can’t seem to find the “one” she’s been searching for (and writing all her songs about). Can’t a girl get a fairy tale ending like in Disney movies?

Well, search no more, T. Swifty, because we’ve chosen eight sort-of-eligible bachelors, one who may be the man of your dreams. We also went ahead and gave you a helping hand by picking the title of the songs you’ll inevitably write about them. (You’re welcome.)


8. Prince Harry

Song Title: “Fairy Tale Come True”

Taylor has openly talked about how she believes in fairy tales and it’s pretty obvious that’s what she’s looking for in a relationship. She already went for American "royalty" by dating a Kennedy, but it doesn’t get much more fairy tale-ish than dating an actual prince.


7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Song Title: “Catch Me If You Can”

Leonardo has dated just about as many people as Taylor has, so maybe these two should pair up. Plus, we heard he has a thing for blondes...


6. Josh Hutcherson

Song Title: “The Boy Next Door”

Taylor’s the girl-next-door and Josh is the boy-next-door. Match made in heaven! Expect she’s probably have to ditch all her heels due to the height difference. Awkward…

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5. Ed Sheeran

Song Title: “The Perfect Team”

These two already know they get along and make sweet music together, so this one is pretty obvious.


4. Bradley Cooper

Song Title: “Silver Linings Love Book”

Whether the rumor that she asked Jennifer Lawrence to hook her up with Bradley is true or not, never say never. Maybe she needs an older, wiser man to meet her needs instead of these silly young boy banders.


3. Michael J. Fox’s Son

Song Title: “Forbidden Romance”

How awkward would this one be? The idea is already out there so why not just go for it? It'd teach Michael J. a lesson.


2. Any Other Member of One Direction

Song Title: “Better Than Revenge Part 2”

Revenge at its finest. Taylor said it herself in her song “Picture To Burn”: “There’s nothing stopping me from going out with all of your best friends.”


1. Nobody!

Song Title: “Walking the Lonely Road”

Crazy idea, I know but maybe Taylor just needs a little “me” time to figure out which of the potential suitors listed above would be the best pick for her.


Who do you think Taylor should go after next? Or should she go down the single route for a little while?

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