Matthew McConaughey may not yet be an Oscar nominee, thanks to that snub, and despite a "breakout" year of sorts in which he earned high praise for his roles in Magic Mike and Killer Joe (and earning an Independent Spirit Award nod for each).

Don’t worry, though ― Matthew’s in no hurry to return to his romcom roots any time soon. In addition to his serious role in the AIDS drama Dallas Buyer’s Club, he’s also starring as an apparent creep in the indie Mud, opposite Reese Witherspoon.


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Mud is written and directed by Jeff Nichols, who made last year’s unsettling drama Take Shelter. Matthew plays a shady fugitive named Mud who ropes two teen boys into helping him escape bounty hunters.

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The film costars Reese Witherspoon, whose post-Oscar roles (How Do You Know, This Means War, Four Christmases, Water For Elephants) have also been a little lackluster. This role looks like it’s getting Reese back into the kinds of roles that could win her another Academy Award ― or are at least watchable.

Mud opens in April.

Does Mud look like a good time at the movies to you?