Samuel L. Jackson is not a man you want to say no to. Whether he is asking you to pass the salt or requesting that you please remove some snakes from his plane, you want to go along with whatever he says... lest there be consequences.

But what about if he's asking you to use a racial slur in a recorded interview?

It happened to Jake Hamilton. Watch below! (The awkwardness happens at the 13:55 mark.)

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The awkward moment occurred while Jake was interviewing Sam about Django Unchained, which has received some flack (from troubled comedian Katt Williams, amongst others) for its abundant use of the N-word, which is the period-appropriate term for slaves during the movie’s 1800s setting.

Still, not everyone thinks Quentin Tarantino should get a free pass to use an offensive term so often in a movie that’s more about slick entertainment than historical accuracy.

Samuel, at least, is laughing the issue off, as he pretended not to know which N-word Jake was referring to, then tried to coax the bashful film critic to say it. “Have you ever said it?” he asked.

“No, sir,” was Jake’s respectful supply, as he squirmed trying to figure out how to continue the interview without getting himself into hot water with his higher-ups. Sam refused to answer the question unless Jake said the word, and Jake refused to say it, so the inquiry went unanswered.

Do you think Jake made the right call?