Hey, guess what, Justin Bieber... you're not the only one who can have some fun in the studio!

Selena Gomez's ex has spent the last several weeks teasing his new album Believe: Acoustic, which contains break up songs about her, by posting countdowns on Twitter and sharing images from the album's recording sessions. Now that the album has been released, though, it's Selena's turn for her musical breakup revenge... and she's getting it by showing off her own studio fun.

The Spring Breakers star has an album due out this year, and she's been showing off how hard at work she is, posting three different pics in the studio over the last few days. These pics include a super sexy backside shot of Selena in an open-back shirt, as well as a photo of her looking like she just had quite the crazy night, both with clear backgrounds of the recording studio.

Selena and Justin broke up for good over the holidays after a blow up fight while vacationing in Mexico. The young lovebirds were dating for nearly two years when the split happened.

Hmm... looks like Selena's taking a page from her BFF Taylor Swift's book, who posted her own studio pic after a recent breakup! Now we just can't wait to hear all the girls' songs that come from their unfortunate heartbreaks...

Do you think Selena is writing songs about Justin in the studio?

Photos Courtesy of: Twitter