Shia LaBeouf may have become an international superstar with his roles in the Transformers movies, but now he's bowing out of the mega-blockbuster franchise and getting back to roles closer to his heart.

His latest, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, sure doesn't sound like a Michael Bay movie. He co-stars with Evan Rachel Wood as an American who gets caught up with a Romanian femme fatale while wandering through Europe. Hear what "terrified" him about the role when he stopped to chat with Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs!

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Shia has said he prefers to take projects that "terrify" him. So what terrified him about this role? Its similarities to his own personality — he says it "cuts real close."

"It's about a guy who thinks with his heart rather than his mind, and doesn't really give a lot of attention to consequence, and that's not very different than who I am as a person."

As for what Shia thinks fans will respond to in the film, he says: "It's really honest, and I think people feel it. It's rare that you watch a movie after doing it and really feel it. You can feel the heart in this movie."

Are you glad to see Shia back in a grittier role?