Matthew McConaughey is still looking skinnier than usual after slimming down for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club, but it's another gritty perfortmance that has him walking the red carpet at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival — his role in Mud.

Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs caught up with Matthew to talk about the movie.

"Living in the innocence" was Matthew's favorite part of playing the title character, Mud, a fugitive who is on the run from bounty hunters, aided by a couple of teen boys. The highly anticipated flick is from writer/director Jeff Nichols, whose Take Shelter is one of the most talked-about indies of the past few years (thanks mostly to a hotly-debated ending).

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So Mud might just be one of the biggest movies to come out of this year's fest. Matthew's dramatic performance is coming off a lot of praise for Magic Mike and Killer Joe, continuing the streak that might just get him an Oscar nomination (in 2014). He says it was easy to get into character: "The main thing: Jeff wrote such a good script. I just sat back and received what he wrote. He wrote a very poetic script which really defined what I needed to do."

Are you going to check out Mud when it finds its way to theaters nationwide?