Wait no longer, Pretty Little Liars fans! The show is returning for its winter premiere, and guess what? We’ve got your first look at what to expect! Best thing you’ve heard all day, right?

Plus, one of the PLL gals is going to find out about Toby's involvement with the 'A' team! But which girl will it be?

Chelsea Briggs brings you the sneak peek in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The second half of season three is bringing all the drama and backstabbing you can handle. With the episode titled “She’s Better Now,” Mona leaves the mental hospital and makes her return to high school. Obviously everyone is going to be keeping an eye on her, especially Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily. But just because she’s not locked up may not mean she’s 100 percent better!

And remember how we found out that Toby was a part of the ‘A’ team –- a.k.a. the biggest shocker ever? Well, in episode 16, “Misery Loves Company,” one of the girls is actually going to find out his secret!

Question time: which PLL gal do you think will find out about Toby first?

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