You mean reality shows aren't... real?

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian lives her life in front of the camera, but what happens when she has a not-so-exciting day? Not to worry: she'll just start some drama! Kim admitted that the theatrics on the current season Kim & Kourtney Take Miami were completely manufactured by her and even caused her loved ones to get into fist fights!

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"I realized how much in everyone's business I really was and how nosy I was, to the point that I was causing people to get into... physical fights, crying, leaving, storming out... with the best intentions," she said to Us Weekly. (We're not sure when starting fights is done with good intentions, but we're thankfully not part of that family.) Little sis Kourtney Kardashian echoed that sentiment by calling Kim a "drama causer."

However, even Kim has to keep some things away from the cameras. She admitted this season will not air the moment when she and Kanye West found out they were going to have their first child. "I found out when we were in Miami and you don't actually see that moment of when I found out," she said. "But it was really exciting... such a pleasant surprise."

Are you surprised that Kim causes almost all of her own drama?

Photos courtesy of E! and Getty Images