It’s hard to picture Steve Carell as a jerk in real life based off his hilarious work in The Office and 40-Year-Old Virgin, but he tackles that role in the Sundance flick The Way, Way Back.

Preparing for his role of Trent, Steve joked how easy it was to step into the character. “It came way too easily,” he laughed. “He doesn’t think of himself as a jerk, but he kind of comes off that way.”

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Fun fact: Steve headed back to his home in Massachusetts to film The Way, Way Back -- the same place he takes his family on vacation every summer! Since he knows the area so well after spending summer after summer there, Steve admits that work actually became relaxing for him.

“It was interesting shooting there because we spend the summers there and we’re right there on that beach all summer – me and my kids are playing so it felt like it wasn’t really work,” he explained. “It was sort of a working vacation.”

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