Here’s a question — who honestly doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Silly question, right? But after talking with him at Sundance 2013, it’s hard to believe we could fall in love with him even more!

Chelsea Briggs chatted with the silly star at the premiere of his film Prince Avalanche and got the lowdown on how he got involved with the remake. “David Gordon Green. I’m a fan of his, I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve always enjoyed his company. I think he’s really talented and I just really wanted to work with him,” Paul explained with a smile.

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Now this isn’t Paul's first time at Sundance — the guy is practically a pro. So what advice would he give to film festival newcomers? “Try your hardest to see as many movies as possible because that’s the most fun thing to do,” he said.

You head the man! Go see those movies!

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Are you going to check out Paul in Prince Avalanche?