Oy. If there’s anyone who didn’t need any Disney princess comparisons right now, it’s Taylor Swift.

The songbird has been the subject of all kinds of buzz these days for having one short-lived celebrity romance too many. For a while it was kind of cute and quirky that she was always on the arm of some famous eligible bachelor… and then it got kind of annoying.

Nowadays, choosy Taylor is so associated with that “Someday My Prince Will Come” mentality, we’re surprised she didn’t cover the Disney tune on Red. If Taylor Swift really were Rapunzel, all her hair would have been pulled out by now after the number of guys who have climbed up to her tower! (And then promptly jumped back out.)

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The photo is part of the Disney Dream collection shot by the esteemed Annie Leibovitz. This one is, of course, in honor of the recent Tangled. And hey! That sounds an awful lot like Taylor's romantic history.

Do you approve of Taylor as Rapunzel?

Photo via Disney Parks blog