Taylor Swift is currently nursing a broken heart ― or possibly scrawling angry lyrics on any available napkin while she curses Harry Styles’ name and swears musical vengeance. It’s the talk of the town. Basically, if Taylor Swift even looks at a dude, it’s the talk of the town.

In fact, the only person with a more publicized love life this week is Notre Dame player Manti Te’o, who has caused a stir with the revelation that his supposedly dead girlfriend actually never existed in the first place.

Now the media is abuzz wondering whether Manti was victim of a Catfish-style hoax, as he claims, or whether or not he somehow strung the media along knowingly in helping him mourn a nonexistent person.

Far be it from us to go against the "innocent until proven guilty" grain, if Manti really didn't know his ladyfriend was actually some dude, as reported, then he's probably having a rough time of it. It got us thinking that these two lovelorn attention-magnets might just solve their romantic woes if they found themselves in each other’s arms!

May we present 10 reasons why Taylor Swift and Manti Te’o are perfect together?


1. They’ve Both Been Burned...

Now that she’s already got one ex just a few weeks into the New Year, it may be time for Taylor to switch up her dating strategy and stop dating guys she “knew were trouble.” Maybe she could even help Manti overcome his feelings of being played by helping him pen a song about it? That’s what Taylor does best, and honestly, Manti's story is way more interesting than any of the heartbreaks Taylor has written about.


2. He’s A (Very Famous) Football Player

Taylor loves dating famous people from all walks of life ― actors, singers, American royalty ― but to date, she hasn’t dated a football player. (Unless there’s any truth to those Tim Tebow rumors from last spring, which there probably isn’t.) This could be a great way for Taylor to branch out while still attracting the maximum amount of publicity!


3. She Likes Bleachers

Amongst other things we learned from one of Taylor’s breakout singles, “You Belong With Me,” Taylor loves to cheer for her man from the bleachers, which will come in really handy as Manti continues his football career. Hello, match made in heaven!


4. She’s Not A Catfish

As one of the most photographed celebrities out there, it’s pretty impossible that Taylor Swift is not actually a real person. There are at least 425 men she had dated that can back this up.


5. They Both Have A Ton Of Awards

We’re used to seeing Taylor take home just about every prize she’s nominated for, and Manti has his own slew of honors to his name ― the Walter Camp, the Chuck Bednarik, the Butkus, the Bronko Nagurski. He was only a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy, but still. They could totally while away entire afternoons practicing their surprised face together.


6. He’s From Hawaii

Manti is from Oahu, and given how much Taylor likes to buy houses right next to her beau’s families, what could be a better than a beach-front spot in the Aloha State?


7. They’re So Over Their Exes

Taylor has penned a song called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” so if she ever does get back with said ex, she comes off looking like a major hypocrite. Unlikely. As for Manti? Well, it’s pretty easy to never ever get back together with someone who didn’t exist in the first place, so that's one ex Taylor need never worry about.


8. They Both Have Mourned For Someone With Leukemia

Lennay Kekua supposedly died of leukemia in September. That’s right around the time Taylor broke our hearts with the ballad for a 3-year-old victim of the disease, “Ronan.” This is yet another thing they can bond over.


9. He Doesn’t Mind If She Won’t Put Out

One nasty rumor flying around the Harry Styles breakup was that he dumped Taylor because there was One Direction she didn’t want to go ― horizontal. Clearly, it was impossible for fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua to give up the goods, so we know Manti is cool with waiting as long as it takes.


10. He Is Not Michael J. Fox’s Son

And we know how Tina Fey and Michael J. feel about that.

So what do you think? Should Manti and Taylor give it a go?