The second inauguration of President Barack Obama had everyone buzzing on yesterday's extra-special Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As expected, it was a star-studded affair, from performers like Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson plus plenty of Barack's celebrity friends and supporters.

Hopefully John McCain and Mitt Romney got together and split a pizza or something.

See what celebs had to say about the big day below!


Ian Somerhalder: "Ahh!Who lost his ticket w/great seats to the Presidential Inauguration while grabbing food?THIS GUY!WTF?!BUMMMMER..."

Mariah Carey: "On this monumental day, we celebrate two amazing and inspirational men.. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama!"

Neil Patrick Harris: "A brilliant speech today by @BarackObama. Inspiring stuff. I’m very proud to be an American."

Katy Perry: "Big inauguration, tiny Aretha hat."

Paula Abdul: "Happy MLK Day AND Happy Inauguration Day!! What a powerful day in history.:)) xoP #IHaveADream"

Joy Behar: "I think that we are very lucky that President Obama is up there today and not.......just sayin."

Anderson Cooper: "1st time a president of US in an inaugural speech has called for equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans, also referenced Stonewall."

Kevin Smith: "I like this President and his First Family. Glad he got his second term: he seems like a good guy. Hope he legalizes weed before he's done."

Kelly Clarkson: "Me and B just hangin' out ....don't worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!"

And of course...

Barack Obama: "'I want to take a look one more time. I'm not going to see this again.' — The President pausing at the Capitol yesterday."

What was your favorite celebrity tweet from the big day?

Photos via Twitter