With all the talk of a “zombie apocalypse” within the past year (remember bath salts?), the upcoming flick Warm Bodies is bound to be a hit. And if you don’t believe me, allow me to lay it for you: 1. It’s got Nicholas Hoult. 2. It’s a zombie movie. 3. It’s a better love story than Twilight.

Okay, so that last one is still up for debate, but check out the first four minutes of the film is get a taste of what’s the come!

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Warm Bodies follows around a highly unusual zombie R following a zombie epidemic that only left a few survivors with a heartbeat. He meets Julie (one of the survivors with a heartbeat) and rescues her from a zombie attack. He immediately falls in love with her and Julie actually sees R as different from the other dead walkers.

As the two form a special relationship, R becomes more and more human with each interaction he has with Julie, which leads to her believing that these zombies can become human – they just need a little love!

Warm Bodies hits theaters February 1st!

Does Warm Bodies look like your kind of film?