Kathy, honey. This is one hookup that is just not going to happen.

The My Life On The D-List star is known for her gay fan base, but while gay men may love Kathy Griffin, they don’t love her like that. Thus witness Anderson Cooper’s discomfort when Kathy repeatedly bends down to kiss his “sardine,” an obviously unplanned gag that had the ever-composed newsman struggling to keep his dignity.

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Of course, it was all in good fun, with Anderson having to stoop every time Kathy did to prevent her from going too far. The duo made for a perfect comedy team, with his straight-laced personality brushing up against her brash persona nicely. Much better than the canned gags that usually pepper these types of live events.

(We're not entirely sure Kathy wouldn't have gone all the way if Anderson had allowed it, though.)

Do you think Anderson and Kathy make a cute couple?