There's more than one reason Kourtney Kardashian is happy that her younger sister Kim Kardashian is pregnant.

Apparently, Kourtney is pleased about an additional set of boobs for her kids to breastfeed from! Let's just clarify that: Kourtney is totally fine with letting her kids breastfeed from the same boobs that Kanye West motorboats on a daily basis. Gross.

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Speaking on Today, Kourtney said she had no problem with the idea because "that's what they did back in the day." (People did a lot of things 100 years ago. That doesn't mean they should be continued.)

Apparently, international breastfeeding awareness group (yes, there actually is such a thing) La Leche League feels the same way. They said the practice is no longer common "due to awareness of pathogens that can be transmitted in milk" and said Kourtney's plans are ill-advised at best.

What do you think of Kourtney's unconventional breastfeeding plans?
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