Willow Smith has come a long way since giving herself whiplash in “Whip My Hair.”

“I tried to be sugar and spice, but I’m melancholy and can’t do anything right,” she sings in the surprisingly mature and somber new ballad “Sugar And Spice.” And while she may be have tried being sugar and spice, it also sounds like she’s trying to be Adele!

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Willow may not quite have Adele’s powerhouse pipes (and who does, really?), but the tune is a little reminiscent of the Brit superstar’s “Someone Like You.” (We already know Willow's an Adele fan thanks to her "Skyfall" cover.) Though we've heard Willow emote before in tracks like "I Am Me," this one is particularly haunting for a track sung by a 12-year-old girl, a pretty ambitious direction for such a young artist. We'd expect her to cater to the poppy teen market for at least another decade... this definitely sets her apart.

So kudos to Willow for out-emoting many artists out there who have a couple decades on her. Her “Sugar and Spice” is everything nice.

Do you like this change of direction for the "Whip My Hair" singer?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet