It’s Rihanna’s 25th birthday today and while she may have pretty much all the money in the world to buy whatever she wants, there are a few things she needs that may not be on her gift list. She just doesn’t know that she needs them -– yet.

Here are our seven gifts we’ve loved to give to Rihanna on her birthday to make her life a little less stressful –- or controversial!


1. A New Wardrobe

Rihanna may have a sought-after wardrobe, since she even started her own River Island fashion line that’s pretty much based off her closet. But the girl needs to cover up once in awhile. Let's shop, RiRi. Our treat!


2. A Watch That’s Always Right

Being an hour late to her own fashion show last weekend? And let’s not forget what went down on her 777 Tour! We’d like to invest in a real nice Rolex that will always be attached to her wrist so she won’t have any excuse to be tardy anymore.


3. Medical Marijuana Card

Based on her Instagram, RiRi isn’t a stranger to the world of pot smoking so, just to be safe, here’s medical marijuana card so it’s actually legal.

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4. Trip to a Spa

This girl is one of the hardest working women in the industry, putting out a new album every year these past seven years, starting a fashion line, teaming up with MAC cosmetics, flying all over the world -– we’re tired even thinking about it. Take a day off at the spa and just breathe, Rihanna.


5. A Varity Pack of Hair Dye

Her ever-changing hair is hard to keep up with sometimes –- first it’s long, then it’s a pixie, then it’s bright red. Now she can have a new hair color for every day of the week!


6. An OkCupid Account

We’ll try and be nice with this one. We get that Rihanna is “happy” with Chris Brown, but maybe there’s someone out there who could treat her better. So let’s open up an OkCupid account to find the perfect man for her crazy-hectic lifestyle.


7. Her Own Nail Polish Line

Because –- let’s be honest -– it’s next on her list. She’s already done fashion, fragrance and now cosmetics. Nail polish is obviously next.


If you could give Rihanna anything for her birthday, what would it be and why? Share your gifts in the comments section below!