It's Valentine's Day, so are you ready for some love? Some burning love?

Riffing on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the web series Burning Love is all about finding your one true love on a reality show. Well, actually it’s really just about satirizing the people who try to find love on a reality show, but you get the idea.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with the hilarious men of Burning Love -- Adam Brody, Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio and Rob Hueubel. She also chatted with The Bachelorette herself, June Diane Raphael and last season’s Bachelor Ken Marino.

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After being burned (heh) on the first season of Burning Love, Julie (June Diane Raphael) is back -- but this time it’s her turn to do the picking. With 16 men competing for her heart, things could get pretty interesting. We’ve got a bad boy, a rapper, a single dad, a Jewish boy and plenty more. Plus, I mean the celebrity cameos are unbeatable with Adam Scott, Michael Cera, Ben Stiller and more.

Burning Love premiers today –- yes, Valentine’s Day –- and you can watch it here. Check out a preview of what we can expect!

What do you think about Burning Love? Which guy are you rooting for?