Awards season has officially come to a close now that the 2013 Academy Awards has handes out the best of the best to the year's best filmmakers, actors, actresses and more. And with this, we get one more chance to say “WTF?” to some of the fashion choices made by Hollywood biggest stars.

So without further ado, here are the bad, the strange and just the plain crazy looks from the Oscars.

Anne Hathaway - Dress Most Likely To Be Worn To a 90s Middle School Dance

Maybe Anne didn’t get the memo that it was the Oscars and not her middle school winter formal. The diamond choker, the weird open back and the fact that it looks like she forgot to wear a bra -- we’re just disappointed in you, Anne.


Zoe Saldana - Best Dress Made By a Six-Year-Old

What is going on here exactly, Zoe? You’ve got the multiple layers under the top skirt, you look like you’ve got plastic flowers that you picked up at Michael's... and the lopsided bow hanging from your hip? Just way too much going on for one dress.


Helen Bonham Carter - Craziest Least Surprising Dress

Yes, Helen’s dress is a bit out there so technically she qualifies to be on this list. But come on, would you really expect anything less from her?

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Kristen Stewart - Opposites Don't Attract Dress

Kristen’s dress looks like someone glued the crocheted front to the tulle of the dress. If it was all just a cream-colored crocheted gown it would be beautiful. But the two just don’t work well together.


Melissa McCarthy - Most Improper Use of a Bed Sheet

It's about time designers learn how to properly dress plus size women, with the first step being to give them some sort of shape. Melissa's grey dress looks like it was thrown on her and doesn't flatter her body at all.


Kelly Rowland - Worst Taped Together Dress

Did Kelly’s dress fall apart before show time so that she had to tape it together quickly? Plus, what's going on with the white overlay at the top?


Which Oscar look left you scratching your head? Share your picks in the comments below!

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images