So many celebrity news stories, so little time! Thanks to a few of our fellow entertainment BFFs, Hollywire has rounded up some of our favorite and most-talked about news stories of the day! Katy Perry puts Rihanna rumors to rest, Kim Kardashian no longer signing autographs because of Kanye West and Taylor Swift shows off her DJ skills!

Lindsay Lohan did the unspeakable and returned a beautiful designer gown she borrowed in ruined condition. Take a look at how bad it is [Celebuzz]

Vanessa Hudgens got her start as a squeaky-clean Disney star but now the grown up actress is ready for viewers to see a different side of her. She opens up about her more mature roles in Paper Magazine [Teen]

Bruno Mars’ beautiful sisters – also known as The Lylas – debuted their new song “Come Back” and chat about advice they got from their brother on making it in the business [CelebrityBabyScoop]

Rumors were swirling that BFFs Katy Perry and Rihanna weren’t so buddy-buddy after RiRi decided to take back Chris Brown. Well KP put all those rumors to rest with just one tweet [Popcrush]

First we learn that Kim Kardashian won’t be on her E! reality show any more because of Kanye West and now she won’t sign autographs because of him. Say what? [TheCelebrityCafe]

Justin Timberlake performed at last night’s Brit Awards so how does his wife think he did? Well… [Wetpaint]

At least we know that if Taylor Swift’s singing career doesn’t work out, she can at least turn to DJing [Buzzfeed]

The craze that is “Harlem Shake” reached number one of the Billboard charts but why is most of it because of YouTube? [Hypable]