In case you were temporarily blinded and deafened at the beginning of 2013 and are only just now regaining your sight and hearing, Justin Timberlake is waging a comeback. And because a new album, documentary, Bud Light Platinum commercial, Grammys performance, and film roles may not be quite enough to keep him on the radar, he’s also joined Instagram. Way to stay current, JT!

Justin’s not the only pop star to join the photo-sharing service, however. Madonna also climbed aboard for some Insta-action.

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“Cheers mother-s! I'm on instagram,” Madge wrote, along with a selfie of herself sipping a cocktail. Fair enough. But then she sent out a pic labeled “Addicted to sweat,” featuring her perspiring chin and cleavage. (Please keep in mind that at 54, Madonna may be close in age to your grandmother.)

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Her third and final post (so far) reads, “Im thinking of shaving my moustache!!!!”

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Justin, meanwhile, went all classy and B&W, as befits his new throwback style and sound. As many, many Instagram users have done before him, he posted a photo of his food.

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Slightly more exciting: a photo with Timbaland.

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So, since JT and Madge are new at this, let's go over a few Instagram do's and don'ts:

YES to selfies with cocktails, NO to pictures of food. YES to pictures with celebrity pals, NO to post-workout pictures of your sweaty boobs. YES to artistic B&W shots of yourself brooding and staring into space, and occasionally YES to goofy pictures with a fake moustache. (However, do not abuse this privilege.)

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Any questions, Instagram newbies?

Which of these stars are you more likely to follow?

Photos Courtesy of Instagram