Did you find the musical tributes to Dreamgirls and Chicago at the Oscars this year kind of irrelevant?

You’re not the only one. Even the star of Dreamgirls couldn’t be bothered to tune in to the big show to catch the montage, which came complete with a reprise of “You’re Gonna Love Me” by Jennifer Hudson.

Is Beyonce still miffed that Jennifer got all the Oscar love and Queen Bey wasn’t even nominated?

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted dining at Freemans in Manhattan during the Oscars telecast, according to The New York Post. (And no, the Oscars were not playing on a TV in the background.) Their dinner companion? Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Interestingly, Sarah also co-starred with J-Hud in the Sex & The City movie ― meaning that both of the Academy Award winner/American Idol loser’s most significant movie co-stars snubbed her soulful singing at the show.

Of course, we don’t mean to suggest that SJP and Bey intentionally scheduled a dinner together during Jennifer’s show and sat there bickering about how she has an Oscar and they have none. But wouldn’t it be sort of amusing if they did?

Do you think Bey tuning out of J-Hud's performance was intentional?