By the looks of it, the feud between Justin Bieber and The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney isn’t letting up any time soon. Instead of just going on some Twitter rant trash-talking the Biebs, Patrick decided to steal his identity instead! We’re going to have to explain this one a bit more.

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the latest in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Let’s backtrack this fight first: it all began when Patrick dissed Justin by commenting on his lack of Grammy nominations and said that since he’s so rich, he should be happy. Well, Justin headed to Twitter and wrote, “the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha.”

Instead of retaliating, Patrick completely changed his Twitter account by replacing his profile picture to one of Justin and even changed his Twitter handle, claiming to be JB. Poking fun at Justin’s “swag” lingo, Patrick sent out tweets like, “To all my peoples U make make my life so full of swag. I swag out all day just thinking about all the swag u guys inspire me to swag with,” and “I just swagged out loud. SOL.”

No word from Justin on Patrick's Twitter takeover, but I’m sure we can expect something right about… now.

What do you think about this feud? And should Justin even respond to Patrick?