It’s Diddy, bitch.

The remix video to’s “Scream & Shout” video leaked here in the states, and since we haven’t gotten any bona fide new Britney Spears singles in a couple years, fans are eating it up. In it, Britney goes gangsta up against more legit hip hop artists like Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka, and of course Lil Wayne, who never met a remix he didn’t like.

Watch below.

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The remix is truly atrocious, thanks in part to the fact that “Scream & Shout” was never a particularly strong song to begin with, and also to the fact that that chorus just doesn't really gel with all that rapping. The only reason it got any attention at all was Britney’s bizarre British accent and that repurposed fan favorite “It’s Britney, bitch!” from “Gimme More.”

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And as usual with these sorts of remixes, more artists don’t necessarily mean more success. But hey, Britney does look damn good in the few parts of the video she’s in, continuing her streak of doing as little as possible to stay relevant.

Mission: accomplished. Barely.

Does Britney pull of an edgy gangsta look in this vid?