It’s official: Bruno Mars is giving Ryan Gosling a run of this money as the most desirable man on the planet. Yes, that seems super crazy because, come on –- it’s Ryan Gosling! But when Bruno stopped by The Ellen Show and had a fan ask him to prom –- which he had to decline -– he made it up to her in a major way!

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So how did Bruno make it up to Emily? Well, not only did he give her four front-row tickets to one of his shows in her city, but he hooked her up with… wait for it… a Gucci dress for the dance!

But wait, there’s more.

Ellen, sneaky lady that she is, set up Emily’s own prom on her set so Emily could have her dream dance with Bruno to Luther Vandross’ “Always and Forever.” She would have probably preferred to have Bruno sing one of his own songs, like “When I Was Your Man” or something, but hey, the girl can’t really be too picky.

So yes, Ryan Gosling will probably always be the world’s sexiest man -– even if People mag doesn’t think so –- but slowly but surely, our hearts making a little extra room for Bruno.

What did you think about Bruno’s surprise for his fan?