More often than not, there’s some big prestigious musical at least hoping to take home an Academy Award or two on Oscar night. Unfortunately, many of those musicals haven’t been that good.

Thankfully, the Academy is looking to celebrate the more memorable musicals of the past decade or two at this year’s ceremony. It’s just been confirmed that Best Supporting Actress winners Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Hudson will appear to sing their hit numbers from Chicago and Dreamgirls, respectively. They'll be joined by Anne Hathaway, likely to win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar of her very own for another musical performance.

This year’s Oscar producers are well-versed in musical theater productions and their film adaptations, so it’s no wonder their breaking out the song-and-dance routine this Sunday night. The spotlight will be on Les Miserables, of course, when cast members Hugh Jackman, Samantha Barks, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Helena Bonham Carter, and, err, Russell Crowe will be reprising their numbers from the movie.

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(Noticeably absent: Amanda Seyfried, whose singing in the movie also left something to be desired.)

Barbra Streisand will also perform, as will Shirley Bassey in the sure-to-be-spectacular James Bond tribute. Oscars host Seth MacFarlane plans to sing in his opening monologue, though it will probably be a lot snarkier and raunchier than “I Dreamed A Dream” or any 007 theme song.

Whose crooning are you most looking forward to?

Which recent musicals do you want to see honored at the big show?