Cimorelli is the definition of YouTube superstars! The six sisters got their start posting song covers on the video site and have now completely blown up as the next big thing. And believe me, the girls and their dedicated fans are determined to make it happen!

Chelsea Briggs chatted with Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani while hanging out at the beach in Malibu, California -– tough job, right? They had to make hard-hitting decisions together like who’s the better boy band –- One Direction, Big Time Rush or The Wanted -– reveal their first concerts and which kind of peanut butter they like -– crunchy or smooth?

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Now I know all you Cimorelli fans are dying to hear what’s next for these girls -– album and tour details! Talking about putting their record together, Lisa said, “We’re getting really close… we have 60 songs written, we’re really close to being done. We’re hoping to have it out this year -– maybe the end of this year.”

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Awesome news, right? Well U.S. fans, here’s even more! Dishing on tour, Katherine explained, “We want to do the U.S. this year and then the rest of the world –- we don’t have anything on the calendar yet, but that’s our goal we’re working towards.”

What did you think about our chat with Cimorelli? Were you surprised with any of their answers?

And what do you hope to hear from their new album?