We're only into February, but can't imagine music getting any worse than this in 2013.

In one corner: Courtney Stodden: The child bride attention whore turned adult attention whore is still trying to make that music career happen and has released a music video for her new single "Reality." (Something she knows a lot about, clearly.)

In the other corner: Carmen Electra. The former supermodel apparently got the singing bug again after reportedly dating Simon Cowell and has released the music video for her comeback single "I Like It Loud."

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The good news for Courtney is that her newest single is a definite improvement from her previous attempt at music stardom with "Don't Put It On Me." However, that's also not saying much. "Reality" is still autotuned within an inch of its life, her whisper-singing becomes aggravating within the first few seconds and despite its attempt to be a dance single, we can't imagine any club playing this. Ever.

Also, it's never a good sign when the love interest in your music video doesn't look the least bit sexually attracted to you.

And for Carmen's contribution...

Who told Carmen she could rap?! This Ke$ha-esque dance track is simply all kinds of no. Not only does the song seem to be four different mash-ups rolled into one by switching beats almost every minute, but Carmen really can't sing and doesn't even attempt to pretend otherwise.

"Don't wanna think too much," Carmen purrs in the tune. Well, no one was accusing her of that in the first place.

Which song do you think is worse?

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