Most of us who weren’t invited to the Grammys watched from the comfort of our own homes. But one man decided that wouldn’t stop him from not only attending the show, but sitting in Adam Levine’s seat and even taking the stage when Adele won her Grammy!

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it televised moment, the man approaches the “Skyfall” singer as she takes to the stage, while J.Lo discretely gestures for him to get off the stage.

Watch footage of the incident and learn his infamous identity below!

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The Grammys crasher is Vitalli Sediuk, a man who has already gotten in hot water by overstepping his bounds with a celebrity. Last year, the Ukranian reporter gave Will Smith an inappropriate kiss on the Men In Black III carpet and got deservedly slapped for the offense.

Now he’s back, and in somewhat disturbing news, he snuck into the show without an invitation, according to The Hollywood Reporter, strutting down the red carpet alongside Katy Perry before taking his seat behind Justin Timberlake. That seat was reserved for latecomer Adam Levine, who ended up having to sit on the floor.

Then, somehow, the crasher found himself on stage during Adele’s win, prompting an ice-cold stink-eye from Jennifer Lopez. And since pretty much anyone would whither in front of a vexed J.Lo, he promptly scoots off… where he was arrested for trespassing.

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The Grammys crasher spent the night in prison and then was released. He’ll go to court in March.

But yikes! This is a major security breach! How could Grammys security let a completely unwelcome guest get access to so many prohibited sections? They better step it up next year to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Do you think the crasher deserved to spend a night in jail?

What do you think should happen to him now?