Britney Spears may not have gotten rave reviews for her brief time on The X Factor, but there's one person who is sorry to see her go: fellow judge Demi Lovato.

While Britney and L.A. Reid are not returning for Season Three, Demi said she will come back if Simon Cowell asks her. "I'm focusing on my music this year, so it's going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album, but I would love to," she said.

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And while an almost entirely new panel would be put in place for season three, Demi said she would miss the bond she developed with Britney. "I mean, who can replace Britney, let's be honest," she said to E! News. Demi also said she would pick Lady Gaga as her ideal replacement, but somehow that doesn't seem likely.

The one thing she and Gaga do have in common now is that they're on the mend from injuries. Demi recently broke her leg after slipping on a living room floor that her roommate cleaned, but she's back working after landing some crutches and a pretty fierce bedazzled cast. 

Will you miss Britney on the show?

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