Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together? That's the burning question these days! And while we still can't say for sure whether or not these two are BF/GF again, it's definitely true that they're hanging out after their holiday blow up.

On Saturday, Selena supported her gal pals in the girl group YLA at their private concert in West Hollywood, and she was joined by the Biebs for part of the show. The former couple sat next to each other during the set, although they didn't share any of their usual PDA, according to E! News.

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The entertainment site also reports that the young lovers are taking things slowly for now. "They are on good terms and hanging out," a source says. "But they are not back together." Well, they must be on very good terms, considering Selena also reportedly spent the night at her ex's home.

"No big deal... Bieber and Gomez front seat at our first show. Musta been the music. <3," Brooke Adams, of the band, tweeted after the show. Oh yeah -- no big deal, at all!

Do you think Justin and Selena are back together?

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/FLynet and Twitter